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Sencha 煎茶
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Organic Japanese Green Tea “Sencha”

About Maikotea selected Organic tea;

Sencha is the most commonly used tea in the country, accounting for 75% of the green tea produced in Japan. It is therefore regularly served for daily drinking use. The tea plants are grown in open-air tea fields and exposed to sunlight up until harvest. The buds are picked, steamed, then dried and kneaded.

Sencha has a uniquely fresh aroma and refined astringency.

Although all Sencha contains caffeine, the effects are mild in the presence of nutrients and vitamins in the tea leaves. However, it is known to revitalize and wake the drinker in a healthy manner. This is why green tea was first used in Japan as a medicine, and why many Japanese proverbs refer to its healthy and awakening effect in the morning.

  1. Safety first

Maikotea’s organic teas are produced solely by the power of nature without the use of agricultural chemicals and commercial fertilizers permitted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan.

  1. Quality that has been chosen by Maikotea

Many teas with organic labels are sold in Japan. However, there are extremely few that are truly delicious and of good quality. Maikotea aims to offer organic delicious teas to our customers who are safety conscious.