【Coming soon】Happiness Tea (Shiawase Cha) – Flavoured green tea


One pack
( 15 tea bags, each 5 grams each)
$26.00 per pack

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Refreshingly new taste, strongly recommended to try !

Our bold concept in composing this new product was to provide a tea that initiates a relaxed time filled with laughter and joy.
This “Happiness tea” is for gatherings with friends and family, for times of relaxed sharing when pleasant conversation is mingled with joyful laughter.
Classy ingredients like the finest Uji Matcha, superior Karigane tea, Genmai tea and noble Hokkaido Rishiri Kelp are coordinated carefully to a tasteful composition. The taste of this sublime mixture has a particularly calming and relaxing effect.
“I immediately took to the astonishingly delicious taste of the kelp and it actually made me cheerful and merry….”
“this taste was a new experience with its relaxing flavor. Now I am drinking it during my coffee break at work…”